Re-Shape is a group personal training concept designed to help you lose body fat, get lean, get fit, relieve stress and be more confident!

Re-Shape is a unique way for clients to benefit from quality personal training but within a small group. The group could made up of friends, work colleagues, or even people with similar training goals or interests.

If you struggle to keep motivated or you find that most PT sessions are expensive then Re-Shape provides both beginners and regular gym goers with cost-effective and personalised training sessions to help you reach your health and fitness goals!

This special program also provides clients with tips on healthy lifestyle habits, training motivation, results-based programming and different phases each month. Results are guaranteed so let’s improve your fitness and change your life for a fitter, healthier you! Check out the features below…

Personalised Sessions

Motivational Help

Diet & Nutrition Advice


Training Plan

Online Group Help

Nutrition Plan

Weekly Check-Ins

Re-Shape (£180/month)

This monthly payment is for 3x sessions per week and includes all of the features above (MINIMUM 3 MONTH PERIOD)

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