Total Body Overhaul

Total Body Overhaul

Total Body Overhaul is a weekly personal training program designed to dramatically improve your health and help you reach your fitness goals!

This specialised program consists of 4x personal training sessions per week to help improve your fitness and provide clients with tips and advice on training effectively and eating healthily.

Total Body Overhaul provides clients with daily accountability, weekly measurements, fitness tests, and nutrition and diet plans to burn serious calories effectively!

Join me every week to improve your fitness and change your life. This project includes 4x classes per week with all the motivational help you need. Check out the features below…

4x Classes Per Week

Diet & Nutrition Plans

Weekly Measurements

Fitness Tests

Total Body Overhaul (£140/week)

This weekly payment is for 4x sessions per week and includes all of the features above

Total Body Overhaul (£560/month)

This monthly payment is for 16x sessions per month and includes all of the features above

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