Yesterday I decided to get some fat down for Xmas so I’m going to log what I do and any food ideas I have..

The workout yesterday was upper body, my elbow is still not right so I don’t fancy overloading it with body part splits at the minute.

After this workout I did about 45 minutes BJJ sparring..

Thank you guys


Metabolic sprint set
Treadmill at 16kph
100 metres 10 burpees 100 metres 10 press ups. Repeat 10 times!
Triangle Pushup 2×10
Regular Pushup 2×10

Bench Press 4×6
DB Chest Press 3×12

Pull-up 3×10
Lat-Pulldown 3×10

Dips 3×10
Tricep Pushdown 3×10

Decline Sit-ups 3×15
Crunch Feet Up 3×20
Plank 45 seconds x 3

Stretch everywhere holding for 20/25 secs.

Afterwards I had a fruit smoothie without yoghurt but vita coca and USN Banana protein.

BJJ about 2 hours after which I consumed a protein bar during.
Thank you guys